About US


In 2012, Feather & Stitch New York embarked on a quest to redefine home comfort. Believing that luxury shouldn't come at a steep price, we set out to create premium bedding and bath essentials blending opulence with affordability.
With over a decade of expertise in manufacturing, marketing, and curating exquisite home textiles, we embarked on a mission to craft premium-quality home essentials. Our journey took us to top-notch facilities in India and Pakistan, sourcing the finest cotton from Egypt, Turkey, and India. It was a blend of innovation and tradition, transforming these materials into exquisite home textiles that resembled works of art.

Throughout this incredible journey, one principle remained at our core - our customers always came first. Our unwavering dedication to service and quality propelled us to the forefront of the industry. We constantly pushed ourselves to exceed rather than just meet customer expectations.
Today at Feather & Stitch New York our goal remains unchanged: to offer high-quality, stylish home essentials so that everyone can live in luxury without breaking the bank.

Feather & Stitch New York products are created with you and the environment in mind. Our linens are OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning that they are made using materials that are tested for harmful substances, so that you only receive the best quality products. Our facilities are constantly monitored for the responsible handling of chemicals as well as using environmentally friendly production technology, and we promote fair working conditions without child or forced labor. All of this means that Feather & Stitch products make a huge impact on the quality of your home, and no impact on the environment — which is just the way we like it.

Smarter manufacturing + cutting out the middlemen = the same products you love at a much better price.